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CI Scientific provides a complete range of scales, balances, and load cell calibration services. Over the years, we have established a reputation as the go-to company in Australia for accurate testing and calibration of scales and measuring equipment.

The accreditation of our test laboratory by Australia’s National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) is an independent assurance of our technical expertise, and our customers have full confidence in our ability to deliver our services competently and with accuracy.

CI Scientific have laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art facilities ready to undertake the calibration of the following equipment:

  • Measuring scales and balances
  • Force gauges up to 45 tons
  • Load cells in tension and compression

CI Scientific has the capability of supporting all your pressure gauge calibration requirements, including general purpose, industrial and non-standard pressure gauges. We can test masses up to 1000kg and we will calibrate torque wrenches up 5000Nm and torque multipliers up to 25,000 Nm. We can also handle torque screwdrivers as low as 0.1 Nm. To ensure the accuracy of a device across its entire weight range, we carry out the calibration of scales and weighing devices with certified weights or masses.


Our client base comprises of a broad section of industries ranging from one-man electricians to multi-national corporations. Calibration of scales is mandatory for certain industries, as it is a regulatory requirement. Our services are also essential to research facilities, universities, general laboratories for their daily tasks. Delivery companies must also weigh parcels accurately in order to determine correct shipping costs.

In addition, manufacturing companies use industrial scales for measuring raw materials in order to create compound products. Inaccurate measurement of their constituents may lead to a recall of finished products, with the consequence of financial loss and potential damage to the company’s reputation.

Our team of highly trained technicians, armed with the latest equipment, will undertake all your calibration requirements ensuring a same day response time. We can carry out all the calibration on-site in order to cut down customer’s downtime and we can assist in organising a calibration schedule for organisations that must carry out periodic scales calibration in order to meet regulatory requirements.


Customer service is at the heart of the services we deliver, and our goal is always to exceed customer expectations. We can give the guarantee we will get it right the first time every time. Contact us today for your next calibration requirement.

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