HX601E Pressure Data Logger

HX601E Pressure Data Logger with its software forms an integrated data logging solution. The software application handles all of the transfer and saving of data to your computer’s hard drive, while Pressure Datalogger performs all of the actual data collection. Once measurement data have been collected and transferred, the data file can be saved directly into Microsoft Excel sheets.
HX601E Pressure Data Logger can be used for real-time measurement and recording of pressure value in water, power, oil, chemical, metallurgy, meter industries. In this particular model, a 4-20 mA current input channel is implemented for a second instrument data logging.

¥ Data storage:Non-volatile memory of 1M
¥ Pressure range::(-1-0),(0-600)bar
(any range within this two range)
¥ Accuracy:: ±0.1%F.S, ±0.2%F.S

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