HS700 Vacuum Comparator

HS700 Micro Pressure Comparison Pump is made from high quality and transparent plexiglass material. The operation of the piston inside can be seen clearly. The whole structure is more intuitive and compact. This instrument is specially designed to generate micro pressure from vacuum to 0.5bar. The F-adjust valve could accomplish 0.01mbar pressure resolution. HS700 is a very stable Mirco Pressure Calibrator. the design of the relieve valve makes the system return to zero pressure quickly.two standard pressure outputs are easy to connect gauges under test without using the wrenches. the differential port also may connect gauges under test by the hose. It widely calibrates micro pressure instruments in the field and laboratory.


¥ Generated pressure range:(-0.5~0.5)bar
¥ Working media:Air
¥ Weight:2.55kg

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