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CL 168/250/250-800 P, CL 168/250/250-1000 P, CL 200/200/200-600 H, CL 200/200/200-800 H, CL 300/300/300-800 H, CL 300/300/300-1000 H, CL 300/300/300-1200 H

Calenders are used for the continuous production of semi-finished, thermoplastic films or the continuous finishing of different films and surfaces. An extremely variable, modular system allows for adapting calender units to a wide range of requirements.

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They are suitable for the production of films and platens with m any different types of layer thickness made from various polymer materials as well as for the production of films with extremely low wall thickness tolerance.

Collin calenders are used in the finishing of films and sheets by lamination or contact lamination.The finishing calenders are used for smoothing thick-walled films or sheets, or for embossing, coating and laminating. Gap measurement is the standard for Collin calenders and gap regulation is optional. All of the three rolls are individually powered by servo motors, thus rotation speed frictions can be adjusted. For easy processing, the heavy calender unit can be optionally moved via air cushion. The roll heating control is either done with oil up to 350°C or with water up to 150°C (medium temperature).

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