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Active Instrument Services
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Active Instrument Service Pty Ltd delivers cutting edge instrumentation, expert advice and unsurpassed customer service.

100% Australian owned and operated, we are a leading national supplier of products, services and solutions that measure, analyse, control, automate and improve process related operations.

Active Instrument Services Pty Ltd have been formally assessed by International Certifications and found to comply with the requirements of IS0 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.

Active Instrument Services

We are committed to providing technology and solutions specifically designed for a diverse marketplace including manufacturing, power generation, chemical and petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, water and wastewater treatment industries.

We are specialists in the field of contact and non-contact (infrared) temperature measurement, process control and recording, validationand thermal imaging services.

Active Instrument Services

With several years of experience in the production of the highest quality Thermocouples and RTD's in Australia we have and will continue to satisfy the needs of our customers by using the finest materials and exacting standards. Our sensors are widely utilised throughout Australia and we have developed a reputation for supplying unsurpassed, Australian Made, sensors for virtually any temperature sensing application.