KAYE Validator AVS

An Advanced Validation System that combines accurate sensor measurements with all GMP requirements for calibration and traceability to national standards, while generating compliant reports and managing the validated assets and validation equipment.

The LUMiSizer

The LUMiSizer is an evolutionary development based on the LUMiFuge platform with some significant additional capabilities that instantaneously measures the extinction (space- and time-resolved) of the transmitted light across the entire length of your sample using the STEP-Technology®.

Roll Mills

Collin’s P & PR Series Roll Mills feature very high reproducibility and are designed for demanding laboratory tests. In order to mix, plasticise, knead, or laminate plastics, the Collin test roll mills are equipped with a motor-driven gap adjustment.

Who We Are

Active Instrument Service Pty Ltd, your one-stop shop for industrial instrumentation, has a wide range of industrial items to suit all sizes of business as well as services. Modern and user-friendly.

Active Instrument Service delivers cutting-edge instrumentation, expert advice and unsurpassed customer service.

100% Australian owned and operated, we are a leading national supplier of products, services and solutions that measure, analyse, control, automate and improve process-related operations.

We are committed to providing technology and solutions specifically designed for a diverse marketplace including manufacturing, power generation, chemical and petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, water and wastewater treatment industries.

We are specialists in the field of contact and non-contact (infrared) temperature measurement, process control and recording, validation and thermal imaging services.

With several years of experience in the production of the highest quality Thermocouples and RTD’s in Australia we have and will continue to satisfy the needs of our customers by using the finest materials and exacting standards. Our sensors are widely utilised throughout Australia and we have developed a reputation for supplying unsurpassed, Australian Made, sensors for virtually any temperature sensing application.



As part of the product lines Teach Line, Lab Line, Pilot Line, Medical Line and Polytest Line, Collin develops individual solutions – platen presses, roll mills, calenders, extruders, compounders, mono or coextrusion lines, pressure filter tests, rheometers or optical inspection systems. Material manufacturers, compounding companies, film manufacturers, companies in the medical, pharmaceutical and industrial sector, universities, laboratories and research institutes count on Collin.



The KAYE product range is designed to meet the most demanding industrial requirements for process improvement, thermal validation and reporting. Specializing in providing turnkey system solutions and supporting them with unmatched technical service, we offer a complete range of wired systems, wireless systems, RF-based real-time systems, temperature standards, baths, thermocouples and fittings, all designed to provide the most accurate process measurement available. The KAYE product range is relied upon by the worlds leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to validate and monitor critical sterilization processes as required by governing regulatory bodies.



The LUM GmbH is one of the leading producers for analytical devices for dispersion analysis and particle characterization. On the basis of longtime experiences in the field of fluid mechanics, rheology and colloid chemistry the company has developed the innovative STEP-Technology®, which is the technical platform for different product lines. Or measuring equipment is used for the fast, reliable and comprehensive characterization of any demixing phenomena in dispersions and the testing of bonding and adhesive strength of composite materials.



SINO is a highly reputed organization dedicated to manufacturing high-quality pressure and temperature calibrator products. During considerable development, our products have already been widely used in the industries of power, chemical, petrol, metallurgy, metering, and etc.



CI Scientific Pty Ltd is a NATA Certified Facility that can provide accredited testing. Please see accreditations or view it HERE.



The accreditation of our test laboratory by Australia’s National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) is an independent assurance of our technical expertise, and our customers have full confidence in our ability to deliver our services competently and with accuracy.


REG 13







We specialize and deliver the highest quality calibration services for an extensive range of temperature and humidity measuring equipment giving you the confidence that your equipment is working at its optimal level. You can trust our team to provide accurate and reliable results when and where you need them, either on-site or within our state-of-the-art facility.